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Recent announcements:

UPDATE on Bill Maloney's message to Theresa May and relevant parties! 

Leon Brittan Update. Bill Maloney & Chris Fay

UK BUDGET 2014 Bill Maloney & Sonia Poulton confront Nick Clegg at Westminster about Institutional paedophile rings and austerity measures:

CLEAR audio of Bill Maloney interviewed by Lou Collins on Liberty Tactics Radio broadcasting from Guerrilla Media Network. Friday 21 February 2014. Big thanks to Pete Santilly for providing the platform.

http://www.spreaker.com/embed/player/standard?episode_id=4087769 PLEASE SHARE


LATEST FILM FREE TO VIEW: NIGHTMARES AT ELM GUEST HOUSE Bill Maloney interviews Chris Fay, former national adult adviser to National Association of Young People In Care (NAYPIC)

As a result of the above documentary The Sunday Express published an article that made front page: 'Police gunman told me to ignore paedophiles', says ex-child protection officer Click the link to view the full article.

Police to re-investigate abuse claims at Medomsley Detention Centre.

Guardian journalist Simon Hattenstone states: "This film, Adam Rickwood & The Medomsley Heroes, alerted Eric Allison and I to the horrific abuse at Medomsley"



 Bill Maloney fights Max Clifford outside Court. National Media cover up:


Lie Detector Test: Ben Fellows tells Bill Maloney "I will take a lie detector test!"



To the UK Government & Judiciary:

Introduce legislation to grant Amnesty for whistle blowing paedophiles Sign the Petition at Change.org and make your voice heard for victims and survivors of current and historic child abuse.



Bill Maloney interviewed on UK Column Live 11 October 2012 discussing Jimmy Savile and more. Bill joins the show at approx 00:35:00

Breakthrough for survivors of UK's potentially most prolific paedophile: DAVID CAMERON DISCUSSES 'THE MEDOMSLEY HEROES' at Prime Minister's Question Time


http://www.parliament.uk/business/news/2012/may/prime-ministers-questions-23-may-2012/  (From 31:38 to end of video)


By Eric Allison THE GUARDIAN:

"As a prison correspondent, few stories have angered me as much as the abuse of young detainees by Neville Husband. We were alerted to this horror story by a powerful no-budget film, Adam Rickwood and the Medomsley Heroes, produced by Pie and Mash Films. It was never broadcast but is available on YouTube. It is a long and angry account of the anguish caused by Husband, exacerbated by the system that protected him. It does not make comfortable viewing. Those who betrayed the boys in their charge ought to be made to watch it."

READ THE FULL ARTICLE: A True Horror Story: The abuse of teenage boys in a detention centre.

READ ERIC ALLISON at THE GUARDIAN: How can the prison service move on if it won't apologise for child abuse?


Anti child abuse activist Bill Maloney breaks down:

Previously only available to view on DVD, Pie and Mash Films have taken the decision to upload their controversial film SUN SEA & SATAN for FREE viewing.  Dedicated to all victims and survivors of child abuse.

Strong language and strong opinions from Jersey Channel Islands, following the investigations of child abuse and possibly murder at former children's care home Haut de la Garenne.

With award winning, acclaimed director Bill Maloney at the helm, Pie and Mash Films believe in 'telling it how it is'.


WATCH: Hollie Greig echoes through the Royal Courts

All good parents should  view and share this film to help Hollie Greig demand the justice she deserves.

WATCH: Bill Maloney interviewed on SKY 'On The Edge' EMTV

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